Monday, February 1, 2010

There was a time, not long ago

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequity of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men… I am inequitable! I am selfish! I am the tyrant, I am the evil man! I am a ghoul, a monster spawned from the abominable and completely natural union between the spermatozoon of fear and the ovum of prejudice!
There was a time, not long ago- I call it “the terrible time” -the time I was vanquished and banished into the abyss , I heard the righteous man refer to it as “the age of emancipation”  the righteous man-  he was my vanquisher and my banisher. There was a time!
But where is the righteous man now?  Who is the righteous man now?
There WAS a time…but it is no more! I was vanquished, but not destroyed, banished but not annihilated.  This is MY time!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Alot has changed over the past coupla months. I've steadily grown from repression to denial then from denial to realization and I now find myself growing past simple realization into acceptance, understanding and learning..

And it is during this period of learning that I have noticed certain changes... it started with body chills, sleepless nights and restless days, followed by spontaneous, uncontrollable erections ( yes, priapism!) these, all brought on by the primordial need for companionship and desire for all the benefits therein.. And one morning, I awoke to find that I had morphed into an unfamiliar being...The cool, geeky, mild mannered Kye was gone and In his stead, there lay KYE-THE GO-GETTER or is it GO-GET-HIM-CYBERHUNTER!

It all started about two weeks ago when the coolest dude ( mad shout out to dvdmugambi!!!!!) who's also gay I might add, randomly decided out of the depths of his cool, caring, chivalrous, compassionate and consoling, heart to give a brotha some useful advice on know..the do's and the dont's.
He suggested that I use Gaydar to meet people but however stressed the need for caution.
As soon as I logged in I was astonished... scratch, scratch that's not it...I was fuckin stupefied!
I had no inkling, no idea that the Gay world -in Kenya that is, was so vast! I'm like what in the name of prometheus' pubes is this!
I truly had no idea that there existed so many different types of gay!
Bears = Hairy men..I think
twinks ... still dunno
Preppies -  Me..I think
Geeks - definitely me
Footballers ...and the list goes on

And the types of fetishes....what!!!!!! I'm talking armpits to kilts to frottage, rubber pvc and masks. And the sexual activities???
Suffice it to say that I've always considered myself a bit of a freak but I now see the folly in my thinking.Here are but a few; You'll understand what I'm saying:

Breath Control- This is Dangerous! ask David carradine(God rest his soul)
CBT- whats this?
Cottaging- sounds sophisticated
Electro- ??
Glory Holes- any one care to elaborate?
Masters & Dogs- as in literally?
Rimming- nice
Vacuum Pumping- Nah, I dont even believe this happens
Wrestling- hmmm
Fisting- ........................need i say more? 

Anyway, I digress!
The long and short of it is that I'm learning..... Im growing.....My eyes are beginning to open.- For example, I hadn't thought much about my role,
Ive learned that I am possibly an Active/ versatile....I've learned that I'M not every guys type  ( Imagine my surprise and chagrin!!..) Most importantly I've learned that I don't have to rush into anything...cuz I'm not the only virgin gay in Nairobi!
I've chatted with more than a coupla guys- some nice , some average and some downright scary!
Point is, I realise that I need not worry anymore about making gay friends Or meeting someone...Cuz If I really want to, and if my vetting process is sufficiently on point, I KNOW that I eventually will- It's a wonderful feeling I tell you!
I now realise that this journey has only just began, I see that this can and will be one heck of a ride- If I stop holding back!!!!
Fuck being shy and conservative! All hail KYE- THE GO GET HIM CYBERHUNTER and mad love to dvdmugambi- You're officially one of the chosen few to get to cooler-than-a-polar-bears-toe-nails on my cool-o-meter!
And finally, In tribute to my new found bravado and to all those sexual predator type fucks that keep sending me sexually aggressive mail...I present....... drum-roll please...... MY TUSH!

And now I'm curious....For those who have one, feel free to gimme a rating on your Tush-o-meter, 
butt-o-meter or whatever it is you call your scale..